Sugros has been for over 30 years the company specialized in the sale of Italian food and non-food products.

Here you will find everything you are looking for: from beverages, to the wines, liqueurs and sparkling wines section, from pasta and flours to the biscuits and colonials department, dried legumes, oils, pickles and canned goods, and even the crackers and durum breads department, the pastry department, the creams and spices section, the cured meats and cheeses section.

Our distribution chain involves a careful selection of products, subjected to the most stringent controls to guarantee customers the maximum quality and convenience that has always distinguished us. We are in fact leaders in the distribution of certified products for every dietary need, with sections dedicated to vegan, vegetarian, organic, gluten-free and lactose-free products.

Thanks to the wide selection available, we are the answer for those looking for food distributors for restaurants, bars, pubs, canteens, wine bars, pizzerias, wine shops and pastry shops. The supply of our products also extends to commercial activities in European countries and beyond.

A lo largo de los años, siempre hemos buscado la solución más adecuada para entregar productos frescos y no frescos, garantizando la máxima eficiencia a cada cliente, hasta convertirnos finalmente en el primer distribuidor en Europa. De hecho, nuestra fiabilidad es el punto de referencia para países como Alemania, Bélgica, España e Inglaterra para productos alimentarios y no alimentarios.